Have you ever wondered what life on Bainbridge Island was like, back before the Agate Pass Bridge and the commuter ferries? Wouldn’t you like to hear about that directly from the folks who lived here back then? If you know some of those people, or would like to hear their stories and help others to do the same, this podcast is for you!

The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum is developing an oral history project, and they need your help. In this podcast you’ll meet the Museum’s volunteer coordinator, Tim Bird, and Tom Arnold, a retired naval officer who’s finishing up a masters in oral history, and who ran an oral history project for the city of Lawrence, Kansas before moving to Bainbridge.

The museum, which will be working with the Senior Center, BCB, and other interested organizations, hopes to begin the project by focusing on conversations with Bainbridge Islanders who lived here during the 30’s and 40’s. They’re looking for people to help with the project, either to introduce them to prospective interviewees, or to help conduct, record, edit and/or transcribe the interviews so they can become part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Because the museum already has several interviews on file, BCB will join in the project by offering occasional excerpts to give our listeners a flavor of Bainbridge as it once was.

If you’re interested in participating in this community-wide project, please visit the BIHM website, http://bainbridgehistory.org/, or you can drop by or call the museum any day of the week between 10 and 4.

Credits: BCB audio tech: Chris Walker; audio editor: Tim Bird; BCB host and publisher: Diane Walker.