From BCB…

Heyday Farm Creamery proprietors Vicky and John McGarrity visited the BCB Tastes of Bainbridge booth at the July 30 Farmers’ Market.

Listen here as the McGarritys explain why they have moved their entire operation to Bainbridge Island from Hansville to join the Heyday Team. Now producing their signature goats milk cheeses on Bainbridge, they’ll soon be offering cows’ milk cheeses, and by next spring they plan to bring out sheep milk cheeses. 

Vicky and John are committed to achieving the highest level of quality in the food they produce.  Here they discuss some of the processes that are required to produce their cheese varieties, including the unique pasturing system that allows them to grass feed their animals and use a barley fodder process when fresh grass is hard to find.

And did you know you could hear taste?  We decided to try: there was an on-air tasting that explored the various and subtle differences in the cheeses. Listen and see if you can feel the flavor!

Credits: BCB host: Bob Ross; BCB audio editor: Chris Walker; social media publisher: Diane Walker.