In this 8-minute podcast, local geologist Dr. Greg Geehan talks with BCB host Sonia Scaer about the island’s water aquifers and water adequacy questions in his upcoming presentation titled “Bainbridge Island’s Glacial Heritage“ for Open Mic Science. The talk will occur over drinks at the Treehouse Cafe, 8pm Monday April 4th.

Greg explains how the glacial strata and structural faulting affect our aquifer systems and what aquifer modeling tells us about our current and future situation and water carrying capacity. There is geological evidence that past glacial incursions shaped our island both externally and internally. An underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock from which groundwater can be extracted is called an aquifer. 

Greg talks about why the models of our aquifers have proven to be useful ways for our City to address local concerns and issues related to our available groundwater. His message is that even though there might be a lot of water now, we need to be observant, and more studies of the type the City has been sponsoring over the past 15 years would be helpful.

In his Open Mic Science presentation, Greg will discuss scientific aspects of Bainbridge Island groundwater including the underlying geology, i.e. its sources and pathways to the island, medium and long term projections under various growth and development rates for Bainbridge, and other scientific issues.

The pub at the Treehouse Café in Lynwood Center is the venue for monthly first Monday “Open Mic Science” conversations. The public is invited to grab a beverage and explore various aspects of science and technology in an informal, social setting. Inspired by Café Scientifique, the gatherings are committed to public understanding of science. For more details about the Science Café program on Bainbridge Island, please check the Open Mic Science website.

Credits: BCB host: Sonia Scaer; BCB audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.