Who would think that a chance meeting in a ferry engine room would lead to a whole new way of looking at food!

BCB’s Bob Ross, host of BCB’s Tastes of Bainbridge series, met Forrest Nichols, Executive Director for the Wild Society, while on a guided tour of a Washington State ferry. Somehow Bob and Forrest, who works as an engineer on the ferries, fell into a conversation about food, and before long Bob found himself attending a Wild Society film festival in Kingston called For the Love of Plants.

The Wild Society is a nonprofit outdoor education organization based in Kitsap County, and offers camps, classes, food gathering techniques and community events, all designed to inspire a sense of love and connection with the natural world.

In this podcast Forrest joins host Bob Ross to discuss the relationships between human hearts, food and the everyday wild. An energetic and passionate outdoors person, Forrest shares his love of growing mushrooms and his special and intelligent approach to preparing food for outdoor adventures. 

To learn more about the Wild Society, visit http://www.wildsociety.org.

Credits: BCB host: Bob Ross; BCB audio editor and social media publisher: Diane Walker.