From BCB…

This week at the Farmer’s Market, BCB host Bob Ross chats with Rebecca Slattery of Persephone Farm and BCB Station manager Barry Peters.

Persephone is a small, bio-diverse family farm in Indianola, growing a wide array of vegetables, fruit and fresh cut flowers. As farmer-florists, they offer full wedding flower packages as well as loose flowers by the bucket from July through October.  Their farming practices are Morganic, focusing on conservation of resources, minimizing landfill-bound materials and pollinator enhancement as well as avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Their longstanding apprenticeship program trains future farmers to follow in their footsteps.

BCB station manager Barry Peters has been serving as BCB’s manager since it was first organized by Sustainable Bainbridge in July 2013. Barry points proudly to a number of significant milestones in BCB history: since BCB started publishing podcast radio shows in May 2014, more than 250 podcast episodes have been published, resulting in nearly 25,000 downloads. 

Barry explains how BCB’s mission — to build community — has led BCB’s adult and student volunteers to interview more than 90 community organizations, such as nonprofits, businesses, churches and local governments, and has now expanded to include the local purveyors at the Farmers Market.

Credits: BCB host: Bob Ross; audio editor: Chris Walker; publisher Diane Walker.