From BCB…

This week at the Farmers Market BCB host Robert Ross talks with Kevin Block, owner of Bainbridge Island’s Sol Farm LLC. 

Formed in the spring of 2011, Sol Farm is comprised of two actual farms, and provides a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership on Bainbridge Island. CSA members are invited to visit the farm every Tuesday and Thursday during the season to collect healthy and nutritious produce, which is also made available to Farmers’ Market visitors.

Kevin and the other workers at Sol Farm work hard to bring the best choices to you on a weekly basis during the changing seasons. Sol Farm offers a wide selection of produce including pork, lamb, and eggs as well as vegetables.

Sol Farm cares about your health, as well as the health of our environment, the soil, and the food that it produces. With this in mind Sol Farm food is grown using only organic fertilizers and without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.

Credits: BCB host: Robert Ross; BCB audio tech and editor: Chris Walker; Social