From BCB…

Working together to create
underwater ambience for a truly magical Little Mermaid has been the
undertaking of a lifetime for Music Director Josh Anderson and
Choreographer Debbie Pierce.

In this podcast Josh and Debbie talk
with BCB host Channie Peters about the challenges of producing
Disney’s popular musical, The Little Mermaid, for Bainbridge
Performing Arts.
(Director Joanna Hardie planned to join the
interview but the ferry left Seattle without her.)

Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most loved
and popular stories, Disney’s Little Mermaid features Academy Award
winning composer Alan Menken’s music, so Debbie and Josh have lots
of great opportunities to bring their own unique magic to the BPA

In this interview, the two talk about how they do
this, and the special challenges of creating an underwater ambience
with the dancers’ movements, the music and the lighting.
 Their conversation provides intriguing behind-the-scenes
insights into how a complex show like this comes together.

Josh Anderson, who has directed some very diverse
shows this season (Hair, Mary Poppins, Amadeus), talks about the
similarities and differences between Disney’s animated film of the
The Little Mermaid and a stage production such as BPA’s.
 While the actual songs must remain as written, the music
performed on BPA’s stage is infused with Josh’s energy and

Disney’s Little Mermaid opens May 13th and will run
through May 29; tickets are on sale now at and at the BPA box office.

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; audio editor:
Barry Peters; social media publisher: Diane Walker.