If you’re a fan of the abstract expressionists of the mid-twentieth century, you’ll want to check out the art of Curtis Hughes, whose work will open at the Bainbridge Library at 5 pm on February 2nd as part of the First Friday Art Walk.

Still in his first year as a painter after a lifelong career as a designer, Curtis created this series of 11 paintings as an exploration of the methods and spirit of modern design and, in particular, such abstract expressionists as Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler, and Willem deKooning.

The paintings are spare and expressive, done mostly in black and white, with color used primarily as a value of black and white. The paintings are deliberately rough and unpolished and are intended to reach for emotional immediacy on the part of the artist and viewer alike.

Listen here to hear the story of Hughes’ evolution as an artist, and how he first encountered the art which has so influenced him.

Credits:  BCB host: John Fossett; audio tech: Chris Walker;  audio editor and social media publisher: Diane Walker.