Italian Chefs Sharon Gargani and her son, Alessandro join us on What’s Up Bainbridge to discuss their upcoming BARN Studio Arts Florentine Cooking Class.  The class which is now open for registration can be found at the BARN website:  Go to Classes/Events and scroll down to Kitchen Arts.  The class is listed as Florentine Cooking Class (Online).


In this podcast, Sharon and Alessandro discuss their love of Italian food, the connection to culture and the history of Tuscany.  They also share some of the recipes that will be used in the class which includes a Florentine favorite called Tagliatelle del Magnifico.  This thin fettuccine recipe in a citrus zest sauce and inspired by an important renaissance dish is named after Lorenzo il Magnifico.


Alessandro talks about one aspect of the class which is unique, creative and an adventure to look forward to:  They will be taking us on a recorded visit to the local market to acquire the ingredients for the class, showing how they select items, interact with the farmers and vendors and make the purchase.  This will be an opportunity to learn a little ‘culinary/market Italian’ and sense the delightful interaction and dialogue that occurs at the daily mercato visit, a lovely Italian tradition.



Credits: BCB Host Bob Ross, Audio Editor Keith Doughty, Publisher Bob Ross