From BCB…

In this episode of Tastes of Bainbridge John Barutt, locally known as the ‘Maestro of Composting’, explains the processes involved in starting a simple compost pile and how to keep it active and useful in your own garden.

John is part of the Ann Lovejoy’s Friday Tidy Volunteer group that meets each week at the Library gardens to keep them looking vibrant and well maintained.

Speaking with BCB host Bob Ross, John explains how he was first recruited into a composting leadership role and had to learn the craft on his own by seeking advice from others, reading and experimenting.

These days John can be found most Fridays in the small composting yard located in the southeast corner of the library property; he’s happy to answer questions and just talk about composting.

Credits: BCB host: Bob Ross; audio tech and editor: Chris Walker; publisher: Diane Walker.