What progress is being made on the new sign regulations? What actions are being taken in response to the Affordable Housing Task Force report? These are just two of the topics considered in this month’s interview with City Manager Morgan Smith and Bainbridge Island’s new Code Compliance Officer, Aaron Pool.

Join us as the City of Bainbridge and BCB continue their regular podcast series to share information about what’s happening at City Hall. In this, our second episode, we’ll hear about the many pros and cons our council is weighing as they evaluate proposed solutions to the proliferation of sandwich boards and other signs around town. Note: City Council will hold a study session on this issue on June 18th at 6pm at City Hall, so if you have thoughts on this subject be sure to send in your feedback. A note to council@bainbridgewa.gov will send a blanket email to all Council members .

Listeners will also get an update on the Affordable Housing Task Force recommendations that were issued last year. You’ll learn what the City is working on, how the Suzuki affordable housing project is going, and how the state’s new ADU regulations may help alleviate some affordable housing issues.

Other topics of interest include the Council retreat being held this Friday, May 31, at BIMA (open to the public); the newly expanded service hours for planning and building appointments; and the upcoming Cultural Funding Grants.

These podcasts are intended to help us as a community be informed and involved in city activities. If you would like to submit a question or topic for a future podcast, please email the city’s Communications Coordinator, Kristen Drew, at: kdrew@bainbridgewa.gov.

Credits: BCB host and audio tech: Christina Hulet; audio editor and publisher: Diane Walker.