Climate Action Bainbridge is sponsoring a community virtual forum 

Carbon Footprint of Food Waste

Tuesday April 27th

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

“The goal of the Forum is to expand people’s understanding of issues related to climate change and energy.”

In this episode of What’s Up Bainbridge, Deb Rudnick, of Bainbridge Watershed Council, and Diane Landry, of Zero Waste, explain that food waste is an area of climate change where everyone can make an impact in their daily lives. And within our community we are partnering with local farmers, restaurants, grocery stores, and Bainbridge Disposal to help manage collecting and using food waste byproducts.

Listen here and learn about the speakers attending the forum and what you’ll learn about managing food waste at home and in our community.

For more information on the Carbon Footprint of Food Waste forum go here.

And for information on Climate Action Bainbridge visit their webpage here.

Credits: BCB Host Sonia Scaer; Audio editor Keith Doughty; Publisher Bob Ross