Learn to cook with a professional chef! Create your own music videos and movie trailers! Build a boat — or an adirondack chair! These are just a few of the opportunities being offered this summer to youth ages 8-18 at BARN.

In this podcast, BCB Host Finn Mander talks with BARN Program Coordinator Julie Leung about the various classes available and what you can expect this summer at BARN. You’ll hear about BARN’s collaboration with Parks and Rec, and you’ll learn how this year’s students can design their own class days — .

To discover more about the various classes and events at BARN this summer, visit BARN’s website at http://www.bainbridgebarn.org/youth — and don’t forget to stop by BARN before summer classes begin. BARN offers free tours every Sunday between 1 pm and 3 pm. Alternatively, become a member to receive discounts on both youth and adult classes, and to have full access to the studios for all your creative ambitions.

Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Finn Mander; publisher: Diane Walker.