In this podcast, we meet Bev Gaines who describes her offering of upcoming events, starting the week of January 18th, consisting of three courses that are rooted in the search for spiritual direction. Her offerings consist of a body of work and insights that she calls soul wisdom. She explains that, in her offered events, she’s passionate about helping people open fully to their life’s journey.

Two of her upcoming winter course events start on Monday January 18th, and the other on Wednesday January 20th. Her course events are held at 945 Hildebrand Lane, upstairs at the Doctors Clinic building.

Her upcoming winter course events are the following:

  1. Mindful Monday Noontime Class: A short 45-minute teaching and guided meditation practice followed by a time for sharing. Starting January 18th.
  2. Introduction to the Deep Living Approach – Using the Enneagram Model to Understand 9 Personality Types: Jointly offered with colleague Martha Middleton, Bev’s approach is grounded in a book on Enneagram analysis by Roxanne Howe-Murphy. Starting on January 20th, there’s a choice of morning or evening classes.
  3. Spiritual Conversations: An 8-week course based on a book by Cynthia Bougeault that explores ancient methods for awakening the heart. It will meet on Mondays from 1pm to 2:30.

For further details, and information about the charges for the courses, visit

During this podcast, Bev also describes the moms’ group that she mentors. You can visit the moms’ group website for more information about that group, which is open to newcomers.

Credits: BCB host: Anna McClain; BCB audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters. Note: Because the initial release of this podcast inadvertently omitted some details of the three upcoming events, the podcast and this summary have been edited accordingly.