Ever wonder about the engine that drives the island’s robust recreation programming? Learn who is behind the curtain bringing your favorite island events to life and why they do it!

This podcast contributes to our ongoing series with the Park & Recreation District and offers a profile of one of the newest district team members, the Community Outreach Program Manager, Ashley Miller. Ashley began her career as a Park & Recreation District intern, and is now mentoring current and future interns and organizing your favorite island events, including the summer concert series and the haunted hayride.

Listen here as Ashley tells us about the Bachelors degree program that prepares young professionals for a career in Park and Tourism Science and what it’s like to be an intern on Bainbridge Island. (hint: they live in housing located in the Grand Forest!) This podcast is guaranteed to shed light on the behind-the-scenes work it takes to produce the island’s broad recreational programming.

To learn more about island recreation, log on to http://www.biparks.org/recreation

Credits: BCB host: Jo Jenkins; audio editor and publisher: Jacque Knapp.