In this podcast, Deb Rudnick, an environmental scientist and chair of the Bainbridge Island Watershed Council, describes the upcoming Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup on Saturday September 9th.

All members of our community – individuals, families, groups, and people of all-ages – are invited to participate in this one-day cleanup to maintain our shorelines and ensure the health of our wildlife.

Bainbridge held its first successful beach cleanup last year as part of a broader movement to protect our oceans worldwide. Deb shares with us that some marine creatures have died from ingesting large amounts of small plastic debris and waste. There’s been a huge response by concerned citizens, as over half a million people from 112 countries removed more than 18 million pounds of trash during the 2016 International Coastal Cleanup.

Bainbridge is continuing to be part of this broader movement this year under the leadership of Sustainable Bainbridge and its various partners:

  • BI Watershed Council
  • Bainbridge Beach Naturalists
  • Zero Waste Bainbridge
  • BI Land Trust
  • Islandwood
  • BI Parks and Recreation District
  • Bainbridge Parks Foundation
  • City of Bainbridge Island
  • COBI Road Ends Committee
  • Bainbridge Island Harbormaster

This is an excellent opportunity for families and engaged citizens to do our part as well. Volunteers are encouraged to register in advance of the Saturday event at:  Advance registration allows you to choose which beach you’d like to work on.   

The main effort is focused from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday, September 9th, but your help is appreciated even if for only part of that time. Further information can be found at the Sustainable Bainbridge web page for the event. There’s also a Facebook page.

Credits: BCB host, Christina Hulet; audio editor, Barry Peters; and social media publisher, Diane Walker.