The sixth episode of Bainbridge Stay At Home Companion, “Cultivating Stillness” is hosted by Diane Walker and produced by Miranda Feldtman, Liz Ellis, Matt Longmire, Ann Wilkinson-Ellis, and John Ellis.

“May I Have Your Attention Please: Let Me Finish”

Featuring Robert Craighead, Jennifer Behrens Pippin-Montanez, and Bob Downing

Adapted from “Let Me Finish” by Dan Rosenberg

Edited by Liz Ellis


“Bad Advice With Dr. Bhama: Working From Home”

Featuring Bhama Roget in conversation with Leigh Noffsinger

Produced by Ann Wilkinson-Ellis

Edited by Liz Ellis


 “In The Drawing Room”

Written by Miranda Feldtman

Featuring Ali Budge, Sophie Eldridge, Justine Stillwell, Sophie Eldridge, Matt Eldridge, Miranda Feldtman, Sophie Eldridge, Sophie Eldridge, James Sgambati-O’Donnell and John Ellis

Our theme music is by Adam Prairie.

You can learn more about Bainbridge Youth Services at their website,, Yes! Magazine at their website,, and Bainbridge Prepares at their website, This program is a collaboration between that organization, Bainbridge Performing Arts, and Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.