From BCB…

This is a recording of a seminar sponsored by Bainbridge Schools Foundation on the subject “The State of Education on Bainbridge Island.”

On Tuesday, May 11, The Bainbridge Schools Foundation gathered a group of education experts and politicians at IslandWood to address funding, staffing, and other challenges affecting the Bainbridge Island School System.

Panelists for this event included:

  • State Senator Christine Rolfes of Bainbridge Island, who has been a leader in legislative efforts to achieve ample funding for public education in our state;
  • Attorney Tom Ahearne, an attorney who lives on Bainbridge Island, who has been the leader of the legal effort at the State Supreme Court to order ample funding for education as required by our State Constitution;
  • Bainbridge Island School District board president Mev Hoberg;
  • Superintendent-elect for our Bainbridge School District, Peter Bang-Knudsen;
  • Amanda Ward, a much-respected teacher of Social Studies in Bainbridge High School
  • Panel moderator: Peter Murchie, a board member of the Bainbridge Schools Foundation.

After moderator Peter Murchie introduced the five distinguished panelists, attorney Tom Ahearne proceeded to explain the current status of legal efforts seeking to achieve ample funding for public education in our state.

The first 38 minutes of the seminar focused primarily on issues of funding for public schools. Then, from minute 38 through minute 54, there was discussion of the teacher shortage in our state and our District’€™s efforts to respond to that situation.

From minute 54 to the end, the moderator turned to questions for the panelists from the audience. The overall duration of the recorded event is approximately one hour, 46 minutes.

Credits: BCB audio recorder and editor: Barry Peters; BCB social media publisher: Diane Walker.