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Bainbridge in Bloom, a perennial delight, invites everyone to enjoy exquisite, private gardens of Bainbridge Island. Sponsored by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, this event is a major garden tour of the Pacific Northwest.

In this podcast, Barbara Sacerdote, Executive Director of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge and Patty Bell, Chair and AHB Board Member, join BCB host Jennifer Waldron for a conversation about this July event.

You can visit these six stunning gardens either Friday, July 10th or Saturday, July 11th.  The theme, Balance Through Design, offers garden palettes of textures, colors and shapes mixed with the imagination and creativity of the gardeners.  This tour is a major fundraiser for Arts and Humanities Bainbridge and delivers on-going benefits to our community.

You can purchase your tickets at Bainbridge Gardens, Bay Hay and Feed, or on-line at Arts & Humanities Bainbridge.  


Credits: BCB host Jennifer Waldron; BCB audio tech Sandy Schubach; BCB audio editor Tim Bird; BCB social media publisher: Diane Walker.