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Imagine being able to extend another’s life by giving up a day of your own. Would you do it? In this episode, BCB host Annie Osburn speaks with Bainbridge Island author Dave Richards, who explores this moral dilemma in his new novel, If I Could Give You a Day. On February 15, Richards will headline an author event at 3pm at Eagle Harbor Books.

Richards has sold numerous options for scripts, but when the idea for his book came, he dropped everything to write his first novel:  Complacent, self-made millionaire Scott Northwood wakes up one morning to discover he’s been given the ability to extend the lives of people who are about to die just when they are on the verge of achieving something important. But there’s a catch. He must shorten his own lifespan by an equivalent amount of time. Scott plunges into a moral and emotional maelstrom as his desire to live out his own comfortable life collides with a growing sense of obligation to transfer time to others who are clearly more deserving. Complicating matters, he falls deeply in love.

Join Richards for his author event. He’ll speak about his screenwriting background, the process of writing the novel and his path to publication, as well as insights into his forthcoming novel, The Drive-in Miracle.

Learn more about the free author event with Dave Richards at

Credits:  BCB host and text author Annie Osburn; BCB audio editor: Tim Bird; BCB social media publishers: Diane and Chris Walker.