Bestselling author Sylvia Brownrigg will return to Eagle Harbor bookstore on July 27th to present her newest book, Pages for Her, a thought-provoking and delightfully enjoyable exploration of the lives of two women, former friends and lovers, who reconnect after 20 years.

In this, Brownrigg’s seventh book of fiction, the two protagonists she first introduced 16 years ago in Pages for You meet again after 20 years.  As they explore the very different paths their lives have taken, opportunities arise for them — and for us — to reflect on the  impact of life choices.

The two books exist independent of one another: it is not necessary to read the earlier book before tackling Pages for Her. Listen in on this phone conversation between Sylvia Brownrigg and BCB host Channie Peters, and you’ll learn why Sylvia decided to revisit these particular characters, and how she came to imagine the divergent lives lived by these two women.  

When asked to describe the different focus of the two novels and the two main characters, Sylvia responds with a fascinating exploration of the various ways we love those whom we love; the children, mothers, partners, and others who people our complex and remarkably individualistic lives.

Please join us at Eagle Harbor bookstore at 7 pm on Thursday, July 27th to hear Sylvia tell us more about this beautifully written novel and how it came into being.

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; BCB audio editor: Barry Peters; social media publisher: Diane Walker.