Author and pacifist Sarah Sentilles believes humans can choose to create or to destroy: life, art, families, beauty — it’s all up to us.

In Draw Your Weapons, Sentilles’ fourth book, she offers visual imagery through the written word in a literary collage that inspires us to look deeper into our choices; to explore our ability both to create beauty and to wreak violence and destruction.

Ten years in the making, Draw Your Weapons is a most unusual book of nonfiction, in which images of war, violence and torture vie with images of peace, ordinary life and art to help readers comprehend the magnitude and power of their choices.

Listen here as Sarah explains the nature of literary collage, and why she chose this format for her book. She also shares the very personal and difficult journey she took in bringing this project to fruition.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this fascinating topic with her further, as Sarah presents her work at Eagle Harbor Books on Wednesday, August 9th at 12:30 as part of their Brown Bag Lunch series.  Bring your lunch and the bookstore will provide drinks and snacks.  Though not required, reservations are recommended so that space and drinks can be generously planned: Just call Eagle Harbor Books at 206-842-5332 to let them know you plan to attend.

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