From BCB…

In this interview Sue Barrington, manager of the Waterfront Park Community Center, invites the community to a conversation about creating a Village, which is  a  group of like-minded people in a geographic area who come together to figure out and develop the resources they will need to age comfortably in their own homes.

The local Village movement is part of a rapidly growing national movement, with over 135 open Villages nationwide and another 150+ in development. This event will introduce community members to the many things that a Village is, and the many things it might be were Bainbridge Island to adopt this idea. 

Ken Pyburn, a speaker of national recognition will be leading the conversation. A long-time leader in the Intentional Aging movement, Ken has researched purposeful aging since its inception. He has served as Board President for Second Journey, an organization dedicated to finding community in the second half of life, and is active with Sageing International. 

In addition to a long and distinguished career working for IBM, he has been Board President and Executive Director at several California branches of Habitat for Humanity. Having been active in community service for almost a half century, he continues to volunteer with Habitat, Compassion and Choices, and the Hunger Coalition, among others. 

You are invited to an elucidating presentation along with interactive dialog, and potentially the start of something fresh, new and powerful for Bainbridge Island. 


Credits:  BCB host, writer, audio tech and editor Joanna Pyle; BCB publisher Diane Walker.