Curious about how the quality and quantity of the water we use affects the environment around us? The Association of Bainbridge Communities will work to answer that question at its 16th Environmental Conference, March 10 from 12:30 to 5 at Islandwood.

At this conference, entitled Wells to Whales: Protecting our Water, local experts will share knowledge on a variety of water-related topics. In addition to covering subjects like green design, the impact of pollutants, and what you can do to help improve water quality, there will be exhibits and workshops covering topics like how rain gardens can reduce Sound pollution, how planned development can reduce the impact of our housing growth, and how COBI can model the effects of wetlands and floodplains.

Listen here as environmental activist Wayne Daley tells us more about what to expect from the conference, the workshops, and the field trips that are planned in association with the conference.

For tickets (which are only $5) and information visit

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