Hey all you Metal-Makers… Welcome to your monthly Metal-Fab Newsletter!

October is quickly becoming chips on the floor, while November is waiting to be shaped with fresh ideas and plans, and invigorated by some old ones.

Beginning Nov. 10, Metal-Fab will hold twice-monthly Tidy Friday events in both BARN metal shops. Every second and fourth Friday, we’ll meet from 10 am to noon to clean the shops and perform maintenance on our equipment. We’ll have the regular cleaning list of wiping, sweeping, lubricating, etc., and an additional list of projects that may require multiple sessions to complete, such as building a mobile stand, renovating the bandsaw, or painting a piece of equipment.

Some of you will read this and say, “What’s new with that?” I’m glad you asked. The second Friday of each month will feature carafes of coffee and delectable noshes from one of our local bakeries. On the fourth Fridays, we’ll feature pizza for a mid-session bite. You can figure the pastries will be onsite by 10 am on the second Fridays, and the pizza will appear mid-session on the fourth Fridays.

While we more cynical types might say we’re resorting to bribery, I’d respond with this:

BARN is not only a place we go to make this or fix that. BARN is a social place; a gathering place; our Third Place that’s not home or work. Having a cup of coffee, a bite of pastry, or a slice of pizza will give us cause to pause, grin with friends, share stories, and laugh.

It’s my sincere hope that you’ll make time to drop by, lend a hand, visit with fellow makers, and enjoy yourself.

Until next time, be safe and have fun!!


David Hays
Metal Fabrication Lead

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