Youth and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy 

To ensure that BARN is a safe environment for youth and vulnerable adults our policy provides for:

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Use of degrading language or behavior.
  • Threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury upon a minor or vulnerable adult.
  • Engaging in any sexual advance toward, sexual activity with and/or harassment of a minor or vulnerable adult.

Private Meetings

Unless a BARN employee, Teacher, Monitor or Youth Mentor has passed a background check including fingerprint screening, all personal meetings with an unrelated minor or vulnerable adult are to be conducted in view of other adults.

Allegation Reporting Guidelines

Allegations of abuse or harassment of minors or vulnerable adults are to be reported to the BARN President or Youth Advocate and may be reported to law enforcement or child protection authorities. BARN teachers, members and volunteers shall refrain from conducting their own independent investigations and shall not disclose information indiscriminately.

Investigating Allegations

BARN will cooperate with all law enforcement, child protective services, and legal investigations. BARN may conduct its own independent investigation if an allegation involves an employee, a Teacher whose services BARN contracted for, a Monitor or Youth Mentor, or a BARN participant and if such investigation does not interfere with other investigations.