That’s a big question. The answer depends on the shop in which you want to begin.

  • For the Machine Shop, begin with Orientation and the basic Make a Bolt (Intro to the Lathe) and Make a Nut (Intro to the Vertical Mill).
  • For the combined Welding, Plasma Cutting, and Sheet Metal shop, JAWS Orientation is recommended.
  • To go straight into Sheet Metal, begin with Intro to Sheet Metal.
  • For Welding, begin with Wacky-Tacky Art… it’s an all-around intro to the tools with hands-on experience.
  • For Casting and Foundry Arts, we have some easy-access online classes that provide an excellent overview. But to get your hands dirty, start with Make a
  • Pattern. Then use that pattern in a Casting class to make a mold and make a casting. Finally, to complete your casting, take the Finishing class to smooth any casing imperfections and apply a warm patina.
  • For Forge and Blacksmithing, simply sign up for a class. All the necessary safety equipment will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own.