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BARN Companion Program 

We are thrilled to offer a Companion Program at BARN for the community!  Through this program, individuals of all ages with physical, sensory, cognitive and social-emotional challenges who wish to participate in BARN classes, open studio times, and special events may request that they be assisted while at BARN by a BARN-trained companion.

For youth & teens, we have a number of youth-specific opportunities such as Summer Programs, after-school programs, and Teen Nights (Second Friday of each month, 6-9pm) and Summer Youth Programs.  You can see all the opportunities at

For adults and teens 14+, we invite you to explore our full listing of BARN Classes and see if there is an upcoming class that interests you.

Please note that the BARN Companion will serve free of charge to the participant/family. Registration fees will be collected for the class, however. Tuition Assistance is available – click here to apply.

We are also open to individuals bringing their own companion, such as a partner or family member.  If you are interested in this possibility, please contact Program Director Jess Henderson at [email protected].

To request a companion: 

If you are a parent or caregiver, please complete this form to indicate interest for your child.  If you are an adult interested in having a Companion join you for a class, please complete this form.

After the form is submitted, these are the steps that will follow:

  1. You will be contacted by a BARN staff member for a phone conversation.
  2. Participant will be enrolled in the desired class, if we are able to accommodate the request.
  3. BARN staff will select a trained BARN Companion to match with Participant.
  4. Participant will be invited to visit BARN to meet their Companion and Class Instructor the week before the class, or arrive early for the first day of class to meet their Companion.
  5. Participant will take part in the class.
  6. BARN staff will be eager to hear feedback about Participant’s experience at the end of each class!

Are you interested in being a BARN Companion?

We hope you consider applying for this rewarding paid or volunteer position for the summer, and throughout the year!  For young adults, this is an amazing opportunity to get experience in the field of Education and Special Education, either for pay or for volunteer community service hours.  For experienced professionals, this is a great way to put your skills to work in the community and earn some extra income.  Click here to read the position announcement, and click here to apply.  Note that the dates and hours will vary depending on the quantity of participants and which programs our participants select. 


Please contact BARN Program Director Jess Henderson at [email protected] or 206-842-4475 x221.

More about Inclusion at BARN: 

A fundamental part of BARN’s mission is our commitment to accessibility, diversity and inclusion. In keeping with this aspect of our mission, we welcome individuals with physical, cognitive, and/or sensory differences. We are here to learn from their unique abilities and perspectives as much as we are here to teach!  Our center is enriched by such inclusion because in doing so, we are a catalyst for exponential learning growth, dynamic collaborative results, and overall community wellness. We seek to support individuals in accessing BARN classes, workshops, and open studio hours in as varied capacity as possible and within consideration of the safety of all students, volunteers, and staff.

A Note of Thanks:

We are grateful to the Bainbridge Community Foundation and its supporters for a generous grant which helped us to launch this program in 2021 and continue to grow the program in 2022!