Staff & Studio Leads


General Office hours: 9 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday (206) 842-4475.

Executive Director: Denise Dumouchel, ext. 201  Contact.

Registrar: Tammie Tippie, ext. 216  Contact. (Office Hours: M-F 10:30 am to 6:30 pm)

Bookkeeper: Amanda Ulehla,  Contact.

Events Coordinator : Meghan Males, ext 217.  Contact. (BARN’s venue rentals)

Marketing Director: Carolyn Goodwin, 206-842-1551  Contact

Membership Coordinators: Carla Mackey and Jean Casey, ext. 202  Contact.

Program Coordinator: Emily Browne, ext. 220  Contact

Volunteer Coordinator: Donna Rulien, ext. 0  Contact.

Studio leaders:

Book Arts: MJ Linford, ext. 214 Contact.

Electronic & Technical Arts: Annette Walker, ext. 211 Contact.

Fiber Arts: Kendra Harrington, ext. 209  Contact.

Glass Arts: Co-Leads: Jenn Recker and Nancy Adams, ext. 212  Contact.

Jewelry: Co-Leads: Karin Luvaas and Sarah Jones, ext. 213 Contact.

Kitchen Arts: Marcela Sandoval, ext. 210 Contact.

Media Arts & BCB: Chris Walker, ext. 204 Contact.

Metal Fabrication: Peter Moseley, ext. 207 Contact.

Printmaking: Martha Makosky, ext. 214 Contact.

Woodworking: Michael Gunderson, ext. 205 Contact.

Writers: Sallie Maron, ext. 215 Contact.