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A Fully Equipped Makerspace

Looking for a makerspace in Kitsap County? Come to BARN! The Tech Lab is home base for a growing community of makers. You’ll find equipment for 3D printing, laser cutting and etching, circuitry, robotics, drones (including FPV), CNC programming, and coding. It’s an ideal environment in which to experiment, create, and spur your imagination.

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3D Printing

Need to make replacement parts, product molds, product prototypes, or colorful gifts? 3D printing can do all of that, and more. Whether you’re a 3D pro or a newbie, BARN’s Tech Lab has the tools and training you need.

Start with an Intro to 3D Printing Class, where we introduce you to BARN’s growing collection of 3D printers large and small, show you how to prepare a file for printing (slicing), and explain the different filament types. After that, you’ll be ready to use BARN’s 3D printers during the Tech Lab’s Open Studio, where monitors are there to help.

Watching the 3D printer working
laser cutter in tech lab being set up to run poker chips

Laser Cutting

Used by artisans from many BARN studios, laser cutters can be used to cut, bore, or engrave a wide variety of materials such as wood, paper, acrylic, and leather. Create designs in software and send these to the CNC (computer numerical controlled) laser, which vaporizes the material to your specifications.

If all of this sounds like Greek to you, BARN is here to help. Our Introduction to Laser Cutting class shows you how to prep a design for cutting and engraving, as well as how to set up and operate BARN’s laser cutters. This is the first step toward using the laser cutters on your own projects during Tech Lab Open Studio times.


Tech Lab members are enthusiastic experimenters with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and related microcomputers and microcontrollers. You’ll find the Tech Lab an ideal environment to experiment with all things electronic.

Now that robots and drones are being used for everything from home automation to photography, the need for the tools and the knowledge to create and program them is growing. Frequent classes and Open Studio times give you the space, equipment, and support you need to move your project forward.

Youth working on their laptop in the Tech Lab
Youth working in BARN Tech Lab

Tech Community

Our volunteer studio monitors are tech-oriented people, happy to share their knowledge and skills during open studio times and through classes. Meet other tech types and consider joining the ranks of our volunteers. We also offer free Tech Talks on a regular basis so you can hang out with like-minded folks while listening to interesting presentations.

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQs and Resources. And did you know that BARN has an internal Slack for members? Ask us for an invite! It’s a great place to find more information on specific questions and topics.

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Open Studio

Work on your projects during Tech Lab Open Studio. Learn more »

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FAQ & Resources

Questions about getting started in the BARN Tech Lab? Tech Lab FAQ »

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Help with projects, classes, and keeping the Tech Lab running! View opportunities »

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