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Print and Book FAQ & Resources

Print and Book FAQ & Resources2023-06-21T14:15:55-07:00


How do I get started in the Print & Book Arts Studio?2022-12-30T17:02:04-08:00

Take any class without prerequisites to get started!

How do I connect with my BARN community online?2024-05-28T16:15:51-07:00

Join BARN Circle, BARN’s online community. This community hub is open to everyone participating or interested in activity at BARN. Consider it the digital equivalent of hallway chats, workbench hangouts, and studio bulletin boards. Learn more and get started >>


  • 4 cabinets of type, ornaments, cuts and rules
  • 5 presses including the Challenge Proof Press, Chandler & Price Pilots, Vandercook 099 and Provisional Tabletop Presses
  • 36″ x 60″ Takach etching press
  • Two large inking rollers for large-scale plates
  • Soaking basin for preparing paper for printing
  • Work spaces with individual glass palette and counter area
  • Tools for the printmaking process, including brayers and ink knives
Person looking at menu printed on letterpress at BARN
Letterpress letters


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