In this podcast radio interview, we meet Leslie Schneider, a co-owner of the OfficeXpats business in Pavilion movie theater building in Winslow.

She invites community members to gather on Sunday September 7th at OfficeXpats to watch the one-hour video about the behind-the-scenes preparations for the massive historic September rally in New York City to call for action on climate change.

Doors open at 6:30pm at OfficeXpats that Sunday evening, for a 7pm showing, followed by an open conversation at 8pm.

There is no charge for the event.  Free popcorn will be provided, and beverages can be obtained; a modest donation would be accepted. Attendees are invited to bring modest informal snacks to share.

“Disruption. Climate. Change.” is the name of the video.  See the movie trailer and find further details at

Scores of video-watching parties are being organized around the country on September 7th by  That is the organization founded by Bill McKibben, one of the most passionate voices of the climate change activist movement in this country and worldwide. is one of the prime organizers of a massive public rally in New York City which is expected to occur on or about Sunday September 21st. The rally is intended to coincide with President Obama’s planned attendance, with hundreds of world leaders, at the UN Climate Change Summit at the United Nations building on Tuesday September 23rd.

In this 5-minute interview, Leslie discusses some of the issues that face a person such as herself — trying to decide what she can do in the face of the challenges of climate change.  She talks about the importance of taking whatever step you can as an individual. For example, if it’s impractical to get to New York for the big rally, can you at least offer a space in your own community for people to gather together for a video, and to discuss the issues. She talks about facing those questions as an individual, as a parent, and as a community member.

Apart from this special no-charge event, OfficeXpats is generally in the business of offering co-working space — offices and deskspace, meeting rooms and tele-conferencing  — and educational events and activities for residents and business people.

Please RSVP at and enter Zip Code 98110. This will help for planning of refreshments and seating.

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