On August 9, 2014, the practice of coworking turns 9 years old and Bainbridge Island’s OfficeXpats turns 3!   

Deskmag.com reports that in the last three years the number of coworking spaces worldwide has more than tripled, growing to more than 3,000. In this podcast, Neal Cresswell and Judy Whitehead of OfficeXpats tell BCB host Lyssa Danehy deHart about some free events and services OfficeXpats will be offering to celebrate Coworking Week, August 4-8.


Stop in and get work done; just sign in when you arrive and get a quick tour from one of our host ambassadors. You don’t need to give us an RSVP, but an RSVP will guarantee you a desk. Then look for desks with a FREE COWORKING sign, set up your laptop and hook up to our Wi-Fi (you’ll get the code when you sign in). NOTE: Bring headphones in case it gets noisy!


On Monday August 4th 9:30am you can learn how to set your priorities for the week and get some public accountability by joining the Monday Morning Check-in.


On Tuesday August 5th from 12-1pm, attend a Business Skills Workshop, featuring tips from a lawyer on the top 10 things you need to know in the early years of your business.


On Wednesday, August 6th, a team of tech geeks will help give your cranky slow laptop a new life. They’ll  wipe the contents of your laptop and install an Open Source operating system, Web browser, and even free Open Office software for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents.

OfficeXpats is upstairs in the Pavilion, 403 Madison Ave. N.  See their website at  http://www.officexpats.com to learn more about coworking and Coworking Week.


Credits: Host and Audio Editor: Lyssa Danehy deHart; BCB ferry music by Dogfish Bay Studios; What’s Up music splash: Dave Bristow.