On Monday June 2nd, from 6-8pm, Bainbridge Rotary invites you to attend an open house in advance of the upcoming Rotary Auction.

It’s at the Woodward Middle School commons area, and it’s a chance to mingle with both new and experienced volunteers for the Rotary Auction.

The open house is a chance to learn about the 1,100+ volunteer opportunities in 34 different product departments for the upcoming annual Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale that will occur on Saturday June 28th.

In this podcast, Bainbridge Island Rotary Club member Marina Cofer-Wildsmith, who is the co-chair for Rotary Auction volunteers, talks about the unique experiences that come with volunteering for the Rotary Auction.  She describes the remarkable event itself, and talks about the camaraderie of being involved as a volunteer.

Credits:  BCB Host: Barry Peters; BCB Audio Editor: Jeffrey Powel.  Ferry/music intro: Dogfish Bay Studios. Synthetic music splash: Dave Bristow. Photos: From Bainbridge Rotary Auction website at http://bainbridgerotaryauction.com/volunteer/photo-gallery/