In this podcast, Lindsay Masters, who is the events coordinator of Bainbridge Arts and Crafts (BAC), and Susan Masters, who is the BAC executive director, discuss current and future exhibits at the gallery.

The gallery is now showcasing the works of local elementary students, which include ceramic creations, pencil drawings, paintings and colorful mobiles.

On May 19th, BAC features art created by local high school students. That’s an annual event which the nonprofit gallery offers as part of its goal to bring art to the community.

From May 9th through june 2nd, visitors to BAC can enjoy an exhibit by Karin Lowrie. She is an artist who “opens a window onto the rural world in our own backyards.“

Sponsored by Bainbridge’s Heyday Farm, Karin’s drawings are all about chickens, cows and other familiar farm animals.

For more information about the retail store and gallery, check BAC’s web site at

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