In this informative podcast, Women in Photography co-curators Greg Robinson and photographer Linda Wolf provide fascinating insight into the development of photography over the 70-year span between the ages of the photographers in this dynamic show.

Evident in the show’s breadth are the changes in photography techniques, processes, types of cameras, and printing materials used by the 10 diverse women from the Puget Sound region chosen for the exhibition:

   •Megumi Shauna Arai

   •Ashley Armitage

   •Marsha Burns

   •C. Davida Ingram

   •Marilyn Montufar

   •Janet Neuhauser

   •Mary Randlett

   •Meghann Riepenhoff

   •Heather Boose Weiss

   •Linda Wolf

Explaining why they decided to focus this photography exhibit on women, Linda makes the point that “Exhibiting women’s photographs not only educates and empowers girls and women, it gives us all much to think about and include in our world-views regardless of gender.

“Advancing and honoring women’s perspectives, women’s imaginations and voices creates new cultural norms and behaviors, and furthers both women’s and men’s enlightenment about the necessity of changing the paradigm from power-over, which is destroying us, to power-with and partnering. The story of women in photography has much to teach us.”

She also tells the story behind the exhibit’s signature photograph, shown above, which she took 40 years ago in France.

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; BCB audio editor: Diane Walker; social media publisher: Diane Walker.