What can a neuropsychologist/stand-up comedian teach us about substance abuse prevention, and how ARE Bainbridge Island teens dealing with stress? Learn more Thursday evening, 7pm at the BHS Commons, and Saturday from 1-3:30 at the BHS Library.

A Better High: Supporting Teens in Reducing Their Stress (and Ours)

Join Matt Bellace, PhD – acclaimed author, neuropsychologist and stand-up comedian – as he uses research and humor to discuss brain science-based approach to substance abuse prevention. Learn how to support young people in both words and actions – through effective communication about sensitive issues and natural highs – to help them make healthy choices. Gain a better understanding of the teen brain and learn how to foster self-control and resilience. Recommended for parents, educators and teens. 

This event, sponsored by Raising Resilience, is a part of the sixth community Summit for Youth, presented in partnership with The Alliance for Youth and made possible by BISD, BCF, BYS, Helpline House and OCFA. 

Register at raisingresilience.org. Tickets are $15 or “pay what you can.” 


Summit for Youth: We’re Better Together 

The Alliance for Youth invites the community for an afternoon of interactive workshops and discussions facilitated by Clay Roberts, Ph.D. Join us for a genuine chance to listen to our youth, foster new connections and make plans for positive culture change on Bainbridge Island, featuring Power Planning and Teens-Talk Community Conversation with youth, young leaders and caring adults.

This free event is made possible by The Alliance for Youth, BISD, BCF, BYS, Helpline House, OCFA and Raising Resilience. Registration required (space limited). Recommended for teens (14 and up), parents, educators and interested community members. 

Register at: alliance4youth.org