Are you prepared if disaster strikes our community? Participate in Three Days of Preparedness–September 26, 29, and 30 — and meet Ready Raccoon and the rescue dogs of Empact NW, experience a simulated earthquake, and learn more about what Bainbridge is doing to build resilience in case of catastrophic events.

• Day One: Wednesday, Sept 26th Film Night @ The Pavilion – The Geological Formation of Bainbridge island Parts 1, 2 & 3. Two screenings @ 6 pm & 7 pm. It’s free, but please reserve your tickets online

• Day Two: Saturday, Sept 29th Expo @ City Hall – The Big Shaker: Earthquake Simulator, disaster preparedness workshops, Empact NW Rescue Dog Team, connect with the non-profit and tax funded organizations helping to prepare our community.

• Day Three: Sunday, Sept 30th Emergency HUB Demo @ Island Church – Demonstrations and scenarios. See the non-profit and tax funded organizations, helping to prepare our community, in action.

So come on down and bring the kids: It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, to learn about preparedness, and to meet the individuals, organizations and local government who are helping to prepare our community.

Credits: BCB host, John Fossett; audio editor and publisher, Diane Walker; social media Jen St. Louis.