Did you know that 48 million Americans suffer from some kind of hearing loss?  That is one in seven of us.  That means that you or someone you know or interact with every day, has hearing loss!

In this podcast, Hearing Wellness Educator Kimberly Parker, shares important knowledge and helpful tips about what we can do about hearing loss and how to better communicate with those who have it.  From using hearing aids to communicating with clarity and patience, Kimberly’s wealth of knowledge inspires and educates us.  Having hearing loss as a child, and becoming deaf as an adult, Kimberly shares her story.  She now facilitates free workshops, sponsored by Washington State’s Office of Hard of Hearing, through DSHS.

For more information about hearing loss, go to https://www.hearingloss.org/  To register for the free upcoming workshops in Vancouver, WA (Oct. 26) or in Bellingham, WA (Nov. 23), email diane.cinney@dshs.wa.gov  To read about Kimberly’s one woman play, Lost in Sound, and her workshops, go to http://www.kimberlymparker.com/

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