The Golden Rule, first launched in 1958 by a former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander and Quaker, with a mission to stop atmospheric nuclear testing, has only been recently restored after it fell into disrepair and sank in 2010. The vessel, slightly over 30 feet in length, is back in action  plying waters as a peace boat–but not after an improbable resurrection.

This summer, the vessel is touring the Pacific Northwest. One of its stops was the City Dock on Bainbridge Island, July 15 and 16. It plans to participate in Fleet Week in Seattle in August.

Helen Jaccard, who helped crew the vessel last year and is providing shore support this year, spoke with BCB’s Reed Price about the history, relaunch, and modern mission of the boat.

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Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Reed Price; publisher: Diane Walker.