Robots? Tap dancing? Not concepts we normally associate with Nikola Tesla or Madame Curie!

But after seeing Ricky Coates’ production of his original play, Tesla Ex Machina, Lesser Known Players’ Jennifer Hodges was so enchanted by Ricky’s imaginative vision she decided she HAD to bring these two wonderful shows to share with audiences on Bainbridge Island.

Listen here as Jennifer explains why she — and her son Garrett, who joins her in the BCB studio — found Ricky Coates’ version of Tesla irresistible. … And don’t be taken aback by the opening of the podcast: you’ll be hearing a theramin, courtesy of musician Jon Brenner, whose work will also be featured with the shows.

Tesla Ex Machina and Curie Me Away will take place the weekend of August 31 to September 3 at Rolling Bay Hall on Bainbridge. You can see Tesla Thursday night, Curie Friday night and Sunday night, with a double feature of both plays – each is about an hour long – on Saturday, September 2nd. For more information about this and other Lesser Known Players productions, and to purchase tickets for this exciting event, please visit

Credits: BCB host, Diane Walker; audio tech: Chris Walker; audio editor and social media publisher, Diane Walker.