T&C’s Sustainability Director Tony D’Onofrio explains the good news about the completely redesigned Town & Country Market in Bainbridge that earned a gold award for green features that make a difference for the environment and climate … and for the enjoyment of the food shopping experience.

In this 21-minute podcast in BCB’s “Going Greener” series, Tony explains how this award for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design follows from the company’s values and commitment to sustainability.

Some highlights of T&C’s rebuild achievements are:

  • 120 rooftop solar panels
  • 50 percent reduction in total electricity use (even though the square footage increased)
  • Purchase of green energy
  • LED lighting inside and outside
  • Use of natural day light
  • Low-VOC materials, so you can smell the fresh food and not the paints and finishes
  • Maximum filtration of interior air
  • Low-flow toilets and sinks
  • Refrigeration that uses half the greenhouse gases of traditional refrigeration
  • Storm water filtration
  • Vestibule entry lowers escape of heat from the building
  • 95 percent of the construction waste materials were recycled
  • Increased natural planting areas
  • Significant energy cost savings

Tony also mentions his prior career as a chef, before he came to Bainbridge 18 years ago and earned an MBA is Sustainable Business Practices from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now called Pinchot University).

The architect for the T&C store rebuild is Johnson Squared Architecture (of Winslow), and the construction was performed by Abbott Construction.

The LEED Gold award puts T&C in a comparable category with the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art which is in the running for a LEED Gold award for its building.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.