In an era of fake news, how do we know which news sources we can trust?

In this, the third talk of this year’s Library U series at the Bainbridge Island Library, David Brewster, founder of Seattle Weekly, Eastside Week, Sasquatch Books, and Town Hall, explores the current state of our local news media and addresses the search for reliable news sources.

Listen here as, ably assisted by David Harrison, senior lecturer emeritus at the Urban School of Public Affairs at the UW, Brewster discusses the challenges and opportunities of Seattle media; the impact of The Stranger; the role of the “host body” in journalism; our business press; shifting news sources and where to find reputable ones; formulaic journalism; first amendment issues and concerns; the phenomenon of tribal epistemology; what makes a good journalist; and the value of having a plethora of media choices.

Credits: Audio tech: Chris Walker; Audio editor and social media publisher, Diane Walker.