How do we go about creating a community where people who want to live here can afford to do so?

In June 2017, the Bainbridge Island City Council appointed a fifteen member, all citizen volunteer group to  answer that question. The Affordable Housing Task Force (AHTF) was charged with developing recommendations to improve access to affordable housing across the economic spectrum. This month, the AHTF released its final report, including proposals for our collective consideration.
In this podcast, we hear from several community members involved in the process. Althea Paulson is a long-time Bainbridge resident and Chair of the task force; Phedra Elliot is Executive Director of Housing Resources Bainbridge and a fellow AHTF member; and Jennifer Sutton is a Senior Planner for the City of Bainbridge.
Together, they help us understand why affordable housing has become an issue, why it matters, and what some possible solutions might be, including zoning changes, building on public lands, encouraging ADU’s, incentivizing innovative solutions, and more.
Listen to this podcast as we explore these recommendations, and the inherent tensions and trade-offs that we as a community will need to weigh as we respond.
To get involved or learn more, you can attend the City Council’s study session on the AHTF report on August 21 at 6pm at City Hall. More information is also available on the City’s website at (type in “Affordable Housing Task Force” in the search box).
Credits: BCB host: Christina Hulet; publisher: Diane Walker; social media Jen St. Louis.