In this podcast, newly re-elected School Board Director Tim Kinkead shares his thoughts about the key challenges and opportunities to preserving the quality of education for the students in the Bainbridge Island School District.

By chance, Tim’s BCB studio interview happened to occur on the day (Friday November 13th) that our community’s much appreciated School Superintendent Faith Chapel publicly announced her planned retirement as of the end of this school year (see her press release, below).

In this podcast, Tim speaks of his respect and appreciation for Faith, and notes some of her accomplishments.

Tim also outlines four sets of issues that will be important to the future of the school district:

– the need for community-approval in 2016 of capital bond funding for the reconstruction and repair of schools and facilities;

– the importance of finding a successor to the retiring Superintendent;

– the need to attract and retain the district’s excellent teaching staff amidst a failure of the majority of the state legislators to follow the Constitutional mandate to adequately fund public schools (see our January 2015 BCB podcast interview with our community’s State Senator Christine Rolfes advocating for the State Senate to step up to its duty to fund public education);

– finding the limited and balanced role for testing to play in Bainbridge student schooling records.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.