Are you seeking a more rewarding career? To be more creative and get paid for it without needing to get a four year academic degree? Did you know that there’s a growing need for craftsmen?

Beginning this fall BARN on Bainbridge Island will launch two nine-month, full time programs that will prepare you for jobs in the woodworking and jewelry-making industries. There are two free information sessions, Saturday, August 31 at 1pm and Thursday, September 12 at 7 pm at BARN in the small classroom.

In this podcast, Nanz Aalund, Certificate Program Coordinator for BARN, and Jeanne Huber, head of the programming committee for the woodworking studio, give us insights about these new and exciting programs. They will discuss how this program differs from other woodworking and jewelry-making certificate programs and how you can become certified. Career advisement and tuition assistance are available. Classes will begin September 30.

For more information regarding the certificate programs at BARN, go to and click on Certificate Programs.

Credits: BCB Host: Susan Wiersema; Editor and Publisher: Chris Walker