What’s in a doggie hairdo?

There are dog groomers and there are “national certified master groomers” who compete, some internationally, for excellence in dog grooming.  Who knew??  

In this interview that captures some surprises from inside the world of dog grooming, Julie Rust, explains the three types of dog grooming competitions –  traditional, creative and rescue – where dog groomers are tested on their skills, creativity and knowledge.

It takes knowledge and skill to make your bishon look like the perfect bishon; but it takes a lot of creativity to make your bishon look like a little red-mohawked dragon!

Julie explains that “rescue groomers” have perhaps the greatest challenge, one that is most akin to real life in the grooming business. They have a prescribed amount of time to take a rescue dog, clean it up and make it look like someone you’d like to adopt as your new best friend.  Often these dogs are matted, very dirty and have been uncared for for too long.  Making them look presentable also helps them to be more adoptable.

Traditional grooming competitions help to hone grooming skills and learn new tricks of the trade.  Because Julie is a big believer in continuing education she encourages and supports her employees in competing.  She says the stress and the challenge help to make you a better groomer.

Julie Rust is the owner of the Fluffy Ruff Dog Spa at 344 Tormey Lane NE, in the Hildebrand Village area of Winslow.

Credits: BCB host: Channie Peters; BCB audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.