In this podcast, BCB offers two City Council candidates a set of neutral impartial questions for each of them to answer.  Responding to the questions are our two competing candidates for a 4-year term in the At-Large position on the 7-member Bainbridge Island City Council.

Pegeen Mulhern describes herself as a mom, community volunteer, business owner and attorney.

Ron Peltier is a self-described carpenter, long-time islander and environmentalist.

In this 28-minute podcast, each was offered up to 2 minutes to answer each of the following six questions:

  • Why did you decide to run for City Council?
  • What relevant experience and skills would you bring to the position?
  • How is the City doing? What is it doing well for the community, and what not so well? What are its unsolved problems?
  • What are the key challenges or opportunities that you believe will face the City in the next four years?
  • What are the most important outcomes you’d like to accomplish during your term?
  • What style of interaction would you like to bring to City Council – that is, with other Council members? With City staff? With community members?

At the end, each asked a spontaneous question of the other.  Pegeen asked Ron about his position on the Shoreline Management Program. Ron asked Pegeen about a plan for the island’s limited groundwater.

City Council elections are non-partisan races. Nevertheless, both Pegeen and Ron requested and won an approval from the 23rd Legislative District Democrats.

Credits: For BCB: Barry Peters