The future of play on the island has never looked brighter. There is an effort, in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation District and the Parks Foundation, to replace the damaged Kid’s Up Playground at Battle Point Park.

If you’ve ever visited Battle Point with your kids or if you yourself remember playing on this playground as a child, you know it is one of the largest and most loved playgrounds on the island. But it has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced for safety, and this gives us the opportunity to make some exciting improvements. Perhaps best of all, the future playground will be far more inclusive for all ages and abilities. No longer will a child or caregiver have to miss out on the fun.

 Listen here as Curt Thomas and Stephanie Page describe the ongoing effort, why this work needs to take place, and the incredibly cool new features coming soon. Plus, listen for news regarding an upcoming community event where we can all pitch in to help build the future of play on the island.

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Credits: BCB Host: Jo Jenkins; Editor and Publisher: Chris Walker