From BCB…

Last week at the Farmers Market BCB host Bob Ross joined EduCulture founder Jon Garfunkel. EduCulture focuses on building bridges between K-12 schools and their community, with an emphasis on edible education, heritage and human rights education and a strong core of hands-on student-centered programs. 

In this podcast Jon explains the importance of getting students out on the farms and into the fields to learn everything from how to sow seeds to various growing techniques and best harvesting methods.  A fervent and dedicated educator, he strongly believes in the need to reach out to young people and teach them about how food is grown and where it comes from. 

Later in the program we hear from another dedicated educator of young folks, Farmer Brian McWhorter of Butler Green Farms and Heyday Farm. To learn more about EduCulture, be sure to check out their website at .

Credits: BCB host Bob Ross; audio editor Chris Walker; publisher Diane Walker.